Alcohol & Liquor  Licensing Services

Federal TTB Licensing

We will obtain your Federal TTB Brewery, Sake, Winery, Distillery(DSP), Non Beverage, Wholesaler, Import Permits & Amendments. For a flat fee we will handle the entire application process so you do not have to worry.
Don't forget the requirement to register as an FDA Food Facility per Federal Law, we do that too.

Industry - State ABC, Alcohol & Liquor Licensing

If you are in the business of manufacturing, wholesaling, distributing & importing-exporting alcohol you will also need a state license. As requirements in each jurisdiction are different, hire an expert who knows the ropes, that's us.

Retail - State ABC, Alcohol & Liquor Licensing

Thinking about starting or buying an ON premise, OFF premise or duel ON/OFF premise licensed restaurant, bar, tavern, grocery, convenience or liquor store, gas station, pharmacy or other retail location? Let our consultants file your application and assist you throughout the process.

Local ABC, Alcohol & Liquor Licensing

Some jurisdictions in the United States also require a separate local ABC, alcohol or liquor license. Many cities, towns, townships, counties and villages fit into the category. 
Also some local jurisdictions don't have a separate license per se, but have a line item on the local business license requiring to pay a fee if your business sells alcohol. The fee can differ depending on the type of alcoholic license that you were issued.

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