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Crystal - Partner | Consultant

Crystal has obtained over 1,000 alcohol licenses and permits for her clients and has trained over 5,000 people in the alcohol industry.  Her expertise in state and federal regulations is unmatched.  Educating the alcohol licensee community drives her, ensuring licensees are aware of alcohol regulation and compliance.

Crystal was born and raised in Tazewell, Virginia.  While still in high school, she began working for the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (VA ABC) Enforcement Division as an Underage Buyer, responsible for testing licensed establishments by attempting to make purchases of alcohol.

After high school she attended Bluefield College, earning a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. During her senior year, she was selected for and attended the Southwest Law Enforcement Academy located in Bristol, VA. After completing the police academy and her final semester of college, Ms. Stump was selected as a Special Agent for the Enforcement Division of Virginia Dept. of ABC.

She has worked in virtually every aspect of alcohol enforcement & licensing operations. Reviewing state and federal applications for accuracy, completion and further investigation, participating in underage buyer operations, conducting retail and industry audits, regulatory compliance inspections, surveillance and testifying in both criminal court proceedings and administrative hearings.


Kevin, CFE - Partner | Industry & Retail Consultant

Kevin is a Former Virginia Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control Special Agent who brings years of expertise to the alcohol industry.  His enthusiastic attitude and strategic thinking affords him successful relationships with clients across the nation.

He works tirelessly for our industry and retail clients, ensuring quick license approval, education of state & federal alcohol regulations, and strategic compliance regarding but not limited to excise tax, label approvals, record keeping, and hearing preparation.

Kevin works every day of the year for his clients, whether he is in the hospital for the birth of his second child, on vacation or it’s a national holiday. His clients can reach him 24/7 365.

Kevin currently resides in the suburbs of Washington DC with his wife, daughter and son. Kevin began working for the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control in his high school years as an "Underage Buyer," responsible for testing licensed establishments by attempting to make purchases of alcohol. Kevin obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Administration of Justice, and later obtained a Graduate Degree from the University of Massachusetts. Throughout college, Kevin worked as a private investigator and was later hired as a Tobacco Revenue Investigator in DC metro area. He was subsequently hired by the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control as a Special Agent where he reviewed & approved retail and industry applications & enforced state and federal alcohol and tobacco regulations. He was also selected to join a U.S. ATF Task Force.

Through his 10+ year in the alcohol and tobacco regulatory industry he has formed great relationships at all levels of the industry which affords him the ability to provide his clients anything they need to succeed in the industry. He looks forward to working with you.


Coryn - Retail Consultant

Coryn comes to us after over twelve years as an Assistant Special Agent In-Charge with the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Her hardworking nature and devotion to her clients makes a great addition to our team. As a supervisor, she was one of the last lines of defense regarding to policy and regulatory interpretation along with issuing final licensing approvals.

Coryn grew up in New Jersey and attended Seton Hall University, where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, graduating with high honors. After working several years with probation and parole she joined the Virginia Dept. of ABC as a Special Agent . She has assisted thousands of licensees with obtaining their permits, conducted employee training, and enforcement compliance, as well as conducted numerous investigations, both criminal and administrative.

Over the years she expanded her knowledge of the requirements for licensing various ownership types, from multi-tiered hotels and golf courses, multiple member LLCs to Corporations, trusts sole proprietors, partnerships, etc. Her familiarity with the process and knowledge of the requirements is top notch. She is looking forward to assisting new applicants and existing licensees in fostering a good relationship with their respective regulatory bodies and community.


Janene - TTB & State | Licensing and Compliance

Janene began her career as a Field Investigator with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). While at TTB she completed applications, investigated product integrity, tax and trade practice investigations at wineries, breweries and distilleries. In addition to the investigations she also advised permittees in compliance matters and presented at a number of brewery and winery seminars, focusing on label approvals, record keeping, reports and taxes.

Foreseeing the growth of the cider and fruit wine industries, Janene resurrected the no longer published regulatory reference materials, taught this information at her field office, and became one of the few people at TTB with a thorough understanding of the unique regulatory requirements of non-grape wines.

After leaving the TTB she became the Regulatory Manager and Senior Regulatory Specialist for the Craft Brew Alliance, Inc. (CBA) shortly after the merger between Widmer Brothers Brewing Company and Redbook Ale Brewery. At this time CBA operated 6 breweries, 4 pubs, 2 wineries, 4 licensed warehouses, and distributes in all 50 states and numerous other countries.

Janene was responsible for all aspects of alcohol law compliance, including licensing, record keeping, label and formula approval, taxes and reporting, trade practices, government affairs, etc

Janene is an asset to our team and looks forward to working with you.


Deborah - TTB & State | Licensing and Compliance

Deborah began her career in the alcohol industry in 1996 as CEO of Beverage Associates Inc. where she provided regulatory compliance services to manufacturers, importers,wholesalers and retailers of alcohol beverages, including permitting, licensing, trade practice, sponsorship's, mergers/acquisitions as it pertains to alcohol beverage law, corporate compliance. Author of a trade practice manual and a license/permit manual. She maintains strong personal connections with TTB and state alcohol beverage control boards.

In 2009 Deborah took a position as Senior Manager of Licensing and Regulatory Compliance with Diageo. Here she

Oversaw the company's licenses and permits. Managed a large team who handled licenses/brand registrations/price postings. She also worked on sweepstakes and contests rules and registration process.

Her last stop before coming on board with our team was with Mark Anthony Services as Director of Compliance where she was head of regulatory compliance for Mike’s Hard Lemonade and TGIFridays products .


Dave - TTB & State | Licensing and Compliance

Dave began his career as a Special Inspector with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. His specialty was enforcing regulations in the distilled spirits (DSP) industry. Dave retired after 32 years with in ATF as an expert in the federal alcohol regulatory industry. Dave is currently a presenter with the Spirits Institute and provides participants with information on the federal regulation of distilled spirits plants and products.

Dave works on our licensing and compliance team handing DSP, Brewery, Winery and Import/Expert compliance.


Holding over 40 years of experience makes his one of the leading experts in the nation.




Eric - State Retail Consultant | Trainer

Former Alcoholic Beverage Control Special Agent, current police sergeant 


Pat - State Retail Consultant | Trainer

Retired Alcoholic Beverage Control Special Agent


Tyler - State Retail Consultant | Trainer

Former Alcoholic Beverage Control Special Agent


Will - State Retail Consultant | Trainer

Former State Trooper and ABC Special Agent.

Natasha - Licensing Coordinator

Natasha is a highly detail oriented licensing expert. She has been with us since 2010 and she goes above and beyond client expectations. Her ability to multi-task for clients with various state and federal license applications is unmatched.  She is always steps ahead in document accuracy and completion.

As Natasha is extremely detailed oriented, she makes sure our applications are submitted with superior accuracy. She assisted with obtaining a new TTB Brewery Permit from submission to issuance in only 18 days! When an application is perfect from the start, your wait time for issuance can be cut by month.


Heather - Licensing Specialist

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Kristie - Licensing & Administration Specialist

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Colleen - Client Services Manager

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Brenda, CPA | Accounting Manager


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