Retail Compliance

Whether your business needs to find a wholesaler - distributor, maybe you accidentally sold alcohol or tobacco to a minor or you're looking for certified training. Our consultants are former Alcoholic Beverage Enforcement Special Agents, TTB Investigators and Inspectors. we are here to help. We help your business stay compliant and be successful. When you are successful, we are successful.   
Below are just a few of the retail consulting services we offer:


  • General Consulting Contract -  call, text or email us any time with your questions. Which includes advertising, drink specials, alcohol regulations and laws, anything alcohol industry related and we will help. Every state in the U.S. has vastly different regulations. From advertising happy hour (a criminal offense is some areas) to BYOB which is allowed in some states and a criminal offense (up to 12 months in jail) in others. Retail establishments hire us to worry about compliance.


  • Mock inspections; our former Enforcement Agents will conduct mock inspections throughout the year. We teach your employees how to pass  inspections and what violations your Agents/Inspectors are looking for.


  • Record keeping training; how to properly keep your records, required retention period and what your Agent/ Inspector looks for when inspecting your records.


  • Assistance with all monthly and yearly reports. Many jurisdictions have reoccurring reports that ask for food and alcohol sales and purchases. These assist the regulatory agency with compliance and audits.


  • Our experts will come to your business and teach a certified seller/server training program. Many insurance companies provide discounts when employees are alcohol certified.


  • Written warning and violation assistance; we will try to mitigate any charges through other means to avoid a disciplinary hearing. But we will assist you in representing your license at regulatory hearings throughout the year. Most licensees spend thousands of dollars on an attorney to try and beat a charge. 9 times out of 10, showing the regulatory board what you are doing to rectify the violation is more favorable. Hiring a qualified consultant, obtaining training and showing you are receiving on going assistance can be the difference between a $10,000 or a $2,000 fine or a revocation of your license and a suspension.


  • We offer the best civilian ID Scanners on the market at a small monthly fee.

Below are pictures of Alcoholic Beverage Enforcement Agents.
They train for you..
Stay compliant and train for them.
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