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Let us handle your state and local alcohol, ABC and liquor licensing. We also are expert at obtaining your Federal TTB Brewery, Winery, Distillery, Wholesaler and Import/ Export permits. We assist with obtaining bonds & applicable insurance. Don't forget the requirement to register as an FDA Food Facility per Federal Law, we do that too.
Certified Training

We have partnered with various certified seller/server training schools across the country to provide your business the best opportunity to train your staff and proactively prevent mistakes. Then take your certificates to your insurance company, most will provide a discount. A few of our programs are, ;


ID Scanners To Fit Your Budget

Today's youth have access to some of the best fake IDs that can be manufactured. They are not like the ones that we all had growing up. They scan, and they have all the proper holograms and security features. You're thinking, "As a business owner, what can we do?" No Worries! We have teamed up two of the best companies that offer PRO-ACTIVE ID scanners. These scanners don't just spit back the information embedded in the bar-code. They analyze the entire ID and will tell you when an ID is fake.

If you are have an industry or a retail business we can assist you with all of your needs. Maybe your looking for a wholesaler? Questions about federal or local alcohol laws, rules or regulations? Maybe advertising happy hour and want to know the regulations? Let our consultants provide the answers.


On-Going Compliance
Alcohol Enforcement Hearings & Violation Mitigation

What makes our company different? We provide your business on going support to make sure you stay compliant. We provide monthly, quarterly and yearly excise tax remittance assistance and required monthly sales reporting assistance to your governing regulatory body.

We teach you how to keep proper records, pass inspections and fill out required reports.

We are your partner in success.

When an alcohol licensee is issued a regulatory violation, sometimes they can pay a fine, take a suspension or elect to go to a regulatory hearing or violation court. Before you spend $3,000-$8,000 on an attorney who will probably accomplish the exact same thing you could in a hearing, contact us for a free consultation. If we agree that you probably need an attorney, let us call our law partners who specialize in the alcohol industry and representing clients in administrative hearings. You wouldn't hire a business contracts attorney for a personal injury case so why would you hire a criminal attorney for a alcohol industry regulatory matter.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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